This is primarily in response to ramesam’s comment from 11/17.

The “premise” here is the Allness, the Only-ness of the Present Itself (synonymous with Pure NOW-Consciousness, Infinity). This All-Presence of the Present, Pure Consciousness, is not PFD’s premise or “view” or theory–It is entirely thanks to the Present Itself being what IT is. PFD has nothing to do with It.

After all, who or what else besides the Present Itself is ever present to be another kind of “premise”?

This is entirely about the Present Itself–not about an “us” and how “we” also seem to experience things, or how good of a job “we” are doing of living up to what the Present is. The Present Itself being All-Presence leaves no other that might or might not live up to what the Present is. One always “looks out from” Here, for this is what the Present Itself, the only One presently conscious, is “doing.” Everything said here “speaks” from this standpoint. (Is anything ELSE ever present to be a standpoint?)

Starting Here, as what the Present is to Itself, to Its own Pure Present-ness, leaves ONLY Present-ness, and not a split second of time ever having occurred (as discussed in earlier posts). There is just One, un-changing Present-ness as all that is present–eternally, timelessly, changelessly. This Pure Present-ness then, is what ALL is. Nothing else is present besides the Present Itself to be ALL. This never lapses, because the All-present Present does not permit any time in which a lapse could occur.

As this Pure Total Present-ness does not permit time, It does not permit or include anything that could occur or arise in time. Thus it is not accurate to say, “PFD views It All as Oneness — including the ‘would-be problem.'”

That is not what is meant by the Present’s ALLNESS.

The Present’s Allness does not mean the sum total of all things that appear in time. The Present’s Allness is not “everything that appears, including problems.” That’s the very point here! ALL means the Present’s utter Timelessness, Its Pure Infinity, wherein ONE unchanging NOW is, and nothing else occurs. It precludes there being a sequence of time events.

Anything purportedly involving appearances, change, thus problems, or a “me” that could react or not react–would require time, a state of not-the-present. And the very point is that, to the Present which is all that is present, (as Pure Conscious Being) there is ONLY Present-ness. A state of not-the-present cannot occur because it’s just that: not-present.

This only is clear when “starting from” or AS Pure Present Awareness Itself, Pure Being–which IS the Present Itself being present!

The only thing attempting to say there is time, or appearances in which there are inequities or roadblocks, would be a state of sensing-and-thinking-in-time. But in order for such to arise or get attention, one would have to first ignore One’s own Absolute Presence.

All would-be problems are not going on “out there” separate from thinking and sensing. The thinking and sensing would try to point outside itself to problems as if they were some “separate” situation. But they have no existence separate from that very sensing and thinking! And the ONLY way that sensing and thinking can seem to operate and be perpetuated is thanks to first ignoring one’s own Pure Present-ness. The Pure Present Itself (this very Awareness aware here, now) is NOT a state of sensing-and-thinking-seeming-to-occur-in-time. It is Pure Present-ness.

And again, can the Absolute Present ITSELF (the only One conscious, present) ever ignore Itself? No. Can IT ever not be all that is present? No. Is not the Present Itself firmly “standing Its ground” as All-Presence? Yes. Is there honestly another to experience anything to the contrary? No. Can the Present ever be blocked or roadblocked from Its own already-present Total Presence? No. In fact, is the Present ever going anywhere? No. It changelessly IS All-Presence.

ALL is what the Present is to Its own Purity, wherein no “before” and no “time” has occurred. It is a Purity so pure that not even the Present Itself has been present “before” because It only is present NOW.

THIS is the only ALL there is.