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From CIA Chap. 19:

Don’t be afraid to be without a burden!

Consciousness Is All Sample Chapters

Immediately below are five complete chapters from Consciousness Is All, provided as free samples. Simply click each chapter number to read.

 From SN Chap. 10:

How to notice like an astronaut. 

Simply Notice
Sample Chapters

PDF ebook, Timeless Infinity

This book is a compilation of questions and answers from the Open Awareness Study Group (OASG), a large, online international forum on yahoo.com. The forum was held during 2009 and early 2010. Each month on OASG, a different author or teacher would serve as a “guest host” for the month and was available to answer questions online for all group members who chose to participate. As the author of Consciousness Is All, I had the good fortune to be asked to host for the month of March, 2010. This particular text is from there, the final month of the OASG’s activity. The title, Timeless Infinity, reflects the perspective from which questions were addressed in the group.


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Replies to Questions

The following are actual email replies to questions and comments received from readers of Consciousness Is All, or from those who have listened to Peter being interviewed. In some cases only the reply is given; in others, there is an exchange of emails back and forth. In these, the questions are printed in blue, with the replies from Peter in black. The names have been changed to eliminate any personal references. Similar questions and issues are also discussed in the videos and audios.

Consciousness Is All Translations

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A New Infinity

A 27 page essay titled, A New Infinity, is available for sale as an e-book for $9.99. Please view the article abstract here. You can buy this article now by pressing the button below, and you will be able to download it immediately in PDF format.


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Excellence Reporter Article

The Meaning of Life Is Alive

From the blog:

The only One that can “see” Itself as All, is All Itself. 

Reality Check Blog Archive

In this Archive are questions and answers on a wide variety of subjects.  While the Blog is no longer active, its content is timeless because it involves the issues concerning Consciousness that everyone seems to deal with at one time or another.

Why the name Reality Check? Before asking a question or commenting, participants were asked to check their “viewpoint” and ask themselves a question or two. Such as: “Am I starting exclusively with what is true of the Infinite alone? Or am I speaking of a ‘personal me’ and what this ‘me’ seemingly thinks, feels or experiences? Who alone is being alive and aware here, now?” The answer is the Infinite Self Itself, and there is no other. That is the basis of this website—to “speak” from the standpoint of the Infinite. The point was (and still is), always make a Reality check first. Being clear on this at the start eliminates many unnecessary questions before they’re even asked.