It sometimes is said that Full Awareness (also often taken to mean an end of suffering) is “attained” by grace, or thanks to grace.

Usually this means, “Full Awareness just happens when the time is right” and no amount of personal effort can bring it about. This sounds as if there were a separate God somewhere that is playing favorites. This sounds as if there were time involved. Or, that there is some kind of partial-ness, or some element of random chance involved in Self’s Absolute Present-ness, Its Pure Infinity.

Now really examine this seemingly popular cliché about grace, from the standpoint of Present Awareness.

If there really is such a thing as grace—do you realize grace would have to be the Present Itself—this very Awareness? Present Awareness is all that is present—eternally—to be grace. Nothing else is present that could be grace.

But what exactly is grace—even as that word is normally used? There also is the term graceful (short for grace-full).

Isn’t grace (or gracefulness) a confident ease, a simplicity and effortlessness, a kind of delightful pleasantness, with which one goes about one’s business? There is almost a softness and a lightness to grace. Put it this way—grace certainly isn’t hard, heavy, clumsy or labored.

Did you ever notice how exquisitely graceful the Present is, as It goes about Its business of simply being present?

This is exactly what grace is, if that word is used. It is Life’s simple ease, the clean pleasantness of effortlessly being—free of all the “add-on” weight and clutter of thoughts and emotions. Life’s Present-ness is utterly carefree—yet absolutely confident, certain, in Its being.

Right now, stop all trying. Drop all effort to see, do, or be anything.

Awareness still is aware. The Present is present. How graceful is This? How soft, how utterly without materiality, is Awareness to Pure Awareness? Is there any mental clumsiness here? As said earlier, how much does Awareness weigh? How much does the Present weigh? Could anything be more graceful than This? Taste, taste, or be This. Luxuriate as This. This is the One who is presently aware.

Do you realize this unspeakably light, soft, graceful Present couldn’t make any effort, even if it somehow wanted to?

Do you realize the Present’s gracefulness is You?

Do you realize that, as All-Present Awareness, YOU are all the grace there is? Again, nothing else is present besides You that could be grace.

You get to be grace—forever—and in fact, cannot fail to be It! How cool is that?!

You get to be this utterly effortless, yet totally confident Ease “all day long.” Grace is unrestrainable. Grace is uncontainable. It can’t be shut off, and can’t be made to go away. You even get to walk the body around all day long “within” this boundless, softly alive grace that You effortlessly are.

Being this delightful ease of grace not only is the coolest thing there is—It is all there is!