The following is an exerpt, slightly paraphrased, from CIA, p. 274. (The use of “I Am” here is wholly in the Divine sense, meaning the Infinite. Note the italics.)

What is so wonderful about children’s books is that they are so simple.

See Jane run.

Self is All.

Every bit as simple.

To the One I Am, the content of this entire website, in the fullness of its meaning, is as elementary as can be. What is complicated about the Present being present?

What part of being the One I Am could be the least bit difficult to the One I Am? There is no part of the Being I Am that I do not yet know how to be. And there is nothing besides Myself that I could be, for It is I that Am All.

How immediately available is Total Awareness to this I That I Am? There is no gap between this simple Presence I Am and Total Awareness—for the simple Presence I Am is what Total Awareness is.

There are not two! If It were not the One I Am being present here, now, nothing would be. It is I, Myself, that is present here. Not even a confused state of thinking could block My ability to be. And because I Alone Am, there is no confused state of thinking.

Who could be I better than Myself? There is no other to try.

Am I ever working at being the I That I Am? Never!

The joy of being the Perfection I Am is simple—just a matter of Self-Honor.

I start with Myself and Myself alone, because there is only the I That I Am. All I “behold” is My Divinely Alive Purity, My Wondrous Magnificence.

I joy in My endless supply of My Presence, and My glorious inability to withhold any of My Magnificence from My Present Being, which is all that is being.

I Am not waiting for a future of easier, better being—because nothing could be easier than My Being is now.

I seek no recognition, for there is no other besides Me to recognize Me; no other who could bestow anything upon Myself. There is nothing beyond the All I Am.

I know nothing of being enlightened or advanced, but only how simple I Am.

In My Effortless Being, there is no need for deep profound thoughts or wordy explanations of what I cannot fail to be.

What speaks far more eloquently than words is the Silent Love I Am—constantly in action as All Presence.

This Silent Love I Am appears as kindness…gentleness…laughter. It appears as integrity…peace…Self-Appreciation instead of condemnation. When? Not in a few years. Not even in a few minutes—My Silent Love always is present Now. Now at home. Now at work. Now on the phone. Now with the clerk at the store.

Always, ever Now.

The Entirety of My Love cannot fail to be Now, just as Now cannot fail to be.

They are the same—what I Am.