Notice a few “similarities” between the Present and Infinity. (As will be shown, the Present and Infinity really are not two separate things, having similar qualities—but simply different words for the same quality-less One).

It was shown earlier that Infinity really means no-finity. This means Infinity has no finite qualities whatsoever. It means Infinity involves nothing observable or measurable–there is nothing noticeable about It–for anything noticeable would be finite. So when speaking of Infinity, one cannot speak in terms of size, amount, time, or any other so-called finite qualities or characteristics.

As Infinity is that which has no measurement, then Infinity is not a huge quantity. Contrary to what is often believed, Infinity is the absence of any quantity—for any kind of quantity, even a huge one, would be at least partly countable or measurable, and therefore finite.

Infinity is not enormously big in size (nor extremely small in size, as in infinitesimal). Infinity is the complete absence of size. Infinity does not mean an endlessly long time, because any amount of time, too, would be measurable. Infinity is the absence of time, or is time-less—just as in the Present there is no time.

Just as Infinity has no measurable size, the Present has no size. Just as Infinity has no spatial measurement, neither does the Present.

There is absolutely no size, space, distance or dimension in the Present. There isn’t so much as a millionth of an inch of length, width, height, or depth of distance in the Present. Most emphatically, this means the Present is not “present at all points throughout physical space.” The Present does not “fill” or occupy space. Why?

If there were space or even the smallest amount of distance in the Present, it would be possible to move from point A here, across space, to point B, over there. But such movement would take time—of which there is none in the Present. The instant one has movement in time, one has left being present. Any movement in space, which involves time, would be a state of not-the-present, instead of what-is-present.

Because the Present is the absence of time and the absence of size and distance, then the Present also must be the absence of anything measurable. It would take time to measure any kind of measurement. And for something to be measurable would mean it has some kind of size or other quality–yet there is no such in the Present. In other words, the Present is the complete absence of measurement, just as Infinity is the absence of measurement.

Has the Present Itself ever appeared or been seen? Of course not. Has the Present ever been touched? Has It ever been counted? Of course not. Has Awareness ever been seen or touched? Is there ever anything else present besides the un-seeable, un-touchable, immeasurable Present Itself?

In the same way, the Present has no weight. The Present has absolutely no form that could be weighed. It would take time for a form to be formed or observed. For weighty matter to be formed, it also would take time—of which there is none in the Present. In the same way, Infinity, being measureless, has no weight, no form.

Just as the Present has no weight, ask yourself how much Awareness “weighs” to Pure Awareness. It is the same One. How utterly weight-less is Awareness to Its own Awareness? This is the One being You now. This is all that is present!

Just like Infinity and the Present, Awareness has no form. Infinity, the Present, and Awareness is this same weightless, timeless One. It is being infinitely aware and presently so–but not in space or time.

Equally, has Infinity ever been seen, touched or counted? No! It’s because the Present, Infinity, and Awareness are the complete absence of all finite, measurable, observable, or limiting quantities or qualities. They are absolutely un-limited. Though we do our best here to point with words, Infinity and the Present actually are incapable of being described or conceptualized, for that, too, would be a mental measurement, a limit.

This “description” of the Present and Infinity as indescribable also happens to be an exact “description” of Pure Consciousness, Awareness, Being, Now, and other terms—for they, too, really cannot be finitely described. And all these terms really are pointing to the same ONE indescribable Infinite “Stuff” being presently aware here, now.

So, when the words present or the Present are used in our writings or on this website, they refer to that which has zero distance, zero time, and zero describable qualities–yet which is presently alive. (In light of the foregoing, you may wish to go back and reread chap 17, The Immediacy of All.)

This undeniable “perspective” forces a redefining of what always has been called “the present”—which is typically assumed to mean “everywhere present” or being present at all points in space, all points of dimension. (It is this mistaken, finite definition of present that usually is mis-read into much spiritual literature).

Most emphatically then, this Infinite-Present is not the same as what is usually mistakenly called “the present” on a human basis, or “living in the now.” That kind of “present” would be merely a momentary or fleeting “present moment” or “now-instant,” in time’s flow from past to future. It still involves or co-exists with time. In philosophy, this kind of present is called “presentism.” Presentism is the name given to this would be “momentary present” that the finite senses and thinking experience as a “now moment”—but one that is co-present with a flow of time.

This clarity that the Present is pure Infinity shows in another way why It is not sandwiched between, not co-present with, past and future time. As the Infinite-Present is the absence of time, and only Itself is present, then the Infinite-Present is the utter preclusion of past and future, all time.

What else does it mean that the Infinity of the Present (as this very Awareness) permits no time, no space, nothing measurable? As the Present does not permit any time or space within Itself, within All That Is Present, the Present also does not permit any thought or sensing—for these, too, would take time.

In this present Infinite Being, there isn’t even any “mental space.” There cannot be any mental forms. Even the super-fast forming or arising of a thought, which may seem to take less than a nanosecond, still would be time–of which there is none. There is only the unspeakable Immediacy of this Present Being–as all that exists–eternally, changelessly.

From CIA p. 162: “There simply is no physical distance extending in any direction from Your Present Conscious Being! Right this instant, as Consciousness, there is nothing separating You from All That Is! There is nothing separating the One Self from all of Itself right here and now.

The whole of All is so present, so available as this very Being, It is indescribable! How much Presence and thus Power does that “put” here, now?

All of the Infinite, all Presence, all Intelligence, all of the Self’s Love, Peace and Harmony existent is right smack Here, as this very Conscious Being! If not, then where is It? There is nowhere else!

Stop frequently and “abide as” the Infinite Present Itself which is present “right here,” because IT definitely is clear as to what Itself is, as un-thinking Pure Awareness. There is only This One Present. There isn’t one here and another one “over there” somewhere else, because there is no distance, nor any time in which to approach the Present–only This Infinite Present Awareness.

This present Unlimited Infinity that truly is ALL, is not negating or doing away with a world of time and space. Rather, One who is consciously being The Unlimited One leaves only This. This One is not dreaming that there also could be a finite realm of limitations. As Your Unlimitedness is ALL, You preclude there being any limits that You could cling to–nor is there any limit that could cling to You.