Hi Everyone — Just some updates on recent activity.


The website here is getting a few revisions–some of which are in place already. Please see the changes to the Audios section, including lower prices for all audios, and more free audios.

The 2-DVD Series also is now only $9.95.

Look for more changes in upcoming weeks.


If you live in the area, we will be starting a new series of weeknight meetings. The theme is:

YOU: An Investigation

The new weeknight workshop for being clear about what you really are.

Join us to take an eyes-wide-open look at what “you” are—beyond body, beyond thoughts, emotions and sensations—all the way to Infinity. You’ll clearly see:

*The simple “switch” that instantly ends all need for seeking.
*How to stop wasting time trying to spiritualize a “you” that isn’t real!
*Why the Real You is effortless—and an unshakeable certainty.
*Instantly know whether a spiritual teaching is “off” or right on.
*The “Duh!” factor that strips away any sense of awe or intimidation.
*How humor helps in “busting” the false sense of self.

Join us this ongoing “detective series”—in which you are both the detective and the one being investigated! Everything today is all about helping “you”—and what this “you” should do, or not do, to have a better life and experience. But—exactly who or what is this “you”? What if this “you” that you’re working so hard over isn’t the real you? Before launching into self-improvement, is it crystal clear what “you” really are?

FIRST MEETING: Thursday June 16, 2011 7-9 pm Cost: $10/person
New Vision Center Room 2 18010 N. Tatum Blvd. Phoenix AZ 85032

Seating is limited. RSVP REQUIRED. Please call 928-759-9943 or use the Contact form at www.ConsciousnessIsAll.com

Thanks! Peter