Michael Jeffreys, whom some of you may already know, recently wrote a review of Consciousness Is All PLUS (the audiobook version of Consciousness Is All) for Collective Evolution Magazine.

Michael is a fine writer/teacher in his own right, who regularly holds meetups in the Los Angeles/Santa Monica CA area.  You can see the entire Collective Evolution by following this link to our Facebook page.  The review starts on page 44 of CE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/59642176138/

For those who do not use Facebook, the review is excerpted below. Apologies for any formatting issues–the text didn’t cut/paste too well from CE Magazine:



Consciousness Is All – Plus By: Peter Dziuban (Audio Book Review)

WRITTEN BY: Michael Jeffreys EMAIL: mjeffreys1@roadrunner.com BLOG: www.mjeffreys.com

“The only One ‘experiencing’ the Presence of Consciousness here, now, is Consciousness Itself. This never is an experience being had by another.”
–Peter Dziuban

Just about everyone on the planet has been so thoroughly conditioned to believe that they are a human being, a body, which consciousness resides inside of, that it isn’t even seen as a belief, but simply a given, i.e., ‘the way it obviously is.’ Well, there was a time when the Earth was believed to be flat too! And in fact this too was at one time simply accepted as ‘common knowledge’, (I mean, all you have to do is look to see that the land is basically flat!), and so was rarely questioned.
Likewise, most of us take it for granted that we are located somewhere inside our body. (And yet, when you look, you can’t pin-point exactly where or what ‘you’ are or even where ‘you’ begin or end! Don’t you think if you were actually located somewhere in the body, you would know where!??). The result of this erroneous, uninvestigated ‘core belief’ is that it produces a precarious feeling of being a separate-self, a mental ‘me’, that appears to be happy when it gets what it wants and unhappy when it doesn’t.
Yet, if we are honest, even when we get what our mind tells us we want, the happiness is short lived. And so, we stubbornly continue seeking out in the world of form, in vain, for the one thing that will bring us lasting peace and happiness. What we don’t realize is that we are starting off on the wrong foot so to speak. The ‘mistake’ we are making is starting from the position or belief that we are a ‘human’ who has to ‘get back to’ or ‘reconnect with’ our True self. There are many spiritual teachings that preach this, but that is NOT what this book is saying. Not at all.


In Consciousness is All, Peter is making the boldest of claims imaginable: we have it all backwards! That instead of starting from the perspective that we are a broken, screwed-up, confused human being who is looking to become one with or merge with God, Oneness, Awareness, All that is, etc., one should start AS pure Consciousness, pure Presence and stay there! Why? Because that is what the ONLY alive Consciousness that is present right here and right now is doing! Says Peter:

“To start or identify merely with, or as, all the seeming sights and feelings and thoughts that one seems to be aware of is to totally ignore Awareness Itself. It is to attempt to function as un-Awareness, not-Present Life, and that’s why the suffering seems to continue.”
-Peter Dziuban
In other words, we are unwittingly putting our attention on form (thoughts, feelings, images and sensations), on that which changes, and in so doing it somehow escapes our attention that there must be something present that does not change, or how else would we even know of change!?
This changeless presence was never born and thus cannot die. It is the eternal, timeless, present moment that time appears to appear in. It is fully alive, fully present, boundless, uncontained by anything, for what can contain the INFINITE?
“Infinity has no form or limits—exactly as the Consciousness You now are has no form or limits. They are the same One.” – Peter Dziuban




What sets CIA apart from almost every other ‘spiritual book’ out there is that it really has nothing to do with ‘being spiritual’, rather it’s just clearly recognizing what you already presently are AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN! What you start to notice is that whatever you observe, cannot be you, since you are Aware of IT. If you know of its existence, than you must be prior to it, or how would you know about it?


Around here the thought may come, “Well, how do I know this isn’t just Peter’s beliefs or imagination?” Good question! The answer is that throughout the audio (and in the book as well), Peter is constantly and sincerely encouraging you not to take his word about anything, but to check it thoroughly for yourself. In fact, it’s the only way you’ll come to see this for yourself; to know it directly. And it has nothing to do with beliefs. No belief can contain it, yet ALL beliefs appear in it. Note that Peter is NOT asking you to swop one belief for another. If you do than you will have missed the entire point of the book/MP3s! Consciousness is the seer of ALL beliefs, the owner of none.


“Feel how delightfully unlabored–how permanently easy–it is for Awareness to simply be here, now.”
– Peter Dziuban



The book is very good, but the MP3s/CDs are better. You are basically getting a Ph.D in Consciousness (YOU!) for $49.99. (31 MP3s containing over 39 hours of material.)