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Inexperienced Present-ness (THIS presently alive Self) is unfailingly “alert” to what It is, and It is All. By “holding to” or consciously being Pure Infinity (and This Present Consciousness has no choice!) it may appear that the would-be finite, weighty, material dream realm gradually seems to fade or fall away.

The “trap” would be to take on an assumption that, “Well, some of the weightiness, and sense of separateness and ignore-ance seems to have fallen away up to now. So as I continue to consciously be Pure Present Infinity, then the rest of it will seem to fade away.” No! That, too, still would be an ignore-ant assumption talking, not Pure Present-ness, Real You.

To this Present Self, there is only Present-ness, and absolutely no “time before.” As there is only Pure Present-ness, which hasn’t had a single moment of time-experience or ignorance, not a single prior thought or sensation, there has been NO accumulation of anything. There is no physical accumulation, nor any mental accumulation that was picked up by You “back then” because there has been no “back then.”

The Inexperienced Present that is present here, now, never “took on” or began to co-exist with any weighty finity because there hasn’t been any time before in which any such thing could have been taken on. In this totally Inexperienced Present I Am, there is no past in which a co-existence could have occurred due to ignore-ance or ignorance.

There is only this history-less Present that is present NOW. Because the Present has no history, the Present has no history of ignoring Itself! The All-Present Present leaves no accumulation of times when It ignored the Present It only NOW is being!

One is alert, as Present-ness, yes. But if it seems there is an ignoring, or if thoughts kick up, do not try to control thinking or be “mentally tough.” That would be a secondary self trying to be as present as the Present Itself—yet there really is no such secondary one to try.

Rather than being “mentally tough,” the Present that is aware here, now, is “Consciously Easy” and relentlessly so. One “stays with” how incredibly easy, how effortlessly simple it is for the Present Itself to be present. Only the Present Itself can be the Present in the first place—and IT does not fail. The Present definitely is not struggling to be present. Is there another? No! This is entirely the Present’s Life.

The only “effort” there can be is “effortless effort,” for the Present Itself is effortlessly present. Nothing has to, or can be done to make the Present more totally present, or more baggage-free than It is NOW. It is a matter of being relentless, yes, for the Present is relentlessly (changelessly) present—but never in a struggling or combative way.

The Present is not fighting the simplicity of Its own Purity and Ease, and there is only the Present.