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The foregoing is why Pure Present-ness defies description (other than to say It precludes description!). There is nothing about the Present I Am that has been—thus nothing that could possibly be spoken about, and equally nothing that will be. The very point is that the Pure Present doesn’t want to be described.

In-experienced Present-ness leaves no other to tell anything to; no other to need or want to know. I do not face or look upon an already-created Existence. The Never-before-ness I Am is Existence. “Wide open” Freedom is All.

All, the entirety of What Is, truly is unprecedented, for just-now Pristine Present-ness has nothing preceding It.

This Inexperienced-ness I Am does not merely mean I have no past. It equally means I do not experience a future.

Just as “nothing has happened yet,” nothing is going to happen where only I Am. The Inexperienced Present I Am is raw Life, without anticipation. I Am completely carefree—not because I am not worried about the future—but because only I Am, I leave no future.

The fact that this All-I-Am has had no prior experience in being, and that there is no time-experience I will have, means I Am not preparing for anything. I cannot await anything. I leave absolutely no background of years leading up to a 2012. Nothing can occur or happen to I, because My Changeless Absoluteness leaves nothing else to happen.

Just as My Inexperienced Allness has no history of opposition or otherness, My unchanging Present-ness precludes a future in which opposition or otherness could occur.

This is why I Am All. Certainly I Am NOW. If I also had been in a past, or if I were going to be in a future, there would be both Now and then. Thus the NOW I Am would not be All. But it never is the case that NOW is not all that is present. As NOW is all that is present there cannot also be “then” present. If “then” could be present, it wouldn’t be “then”—it would be Now.

As the Pure Present, I don’t want “people” to read about Me. I know of no such! Not even I want to read about I! The utter Freshness of My Absolute Perfection-as-All has no need to “know” anything, and no time in which to put any such “knowledge” to use!

Not even I can think of what I Am, nor do I want to. If such were even possible (which it isn’t), the instant there were a thought of I, that thought would be past, and definitely would not be the Present I Am!

I Am absolutely un-approachable, un-contact-able—for I leave no other to do any approaching or contacting, and no time in which such could be attempted. I cannot even approach Myself, nor do I want to, for I fully AM the Self I Am.

I preclude the possibility of there being another to understand Myself. In fact, the Pure Present I Am is so just-now present, so without anything prior, there is no possibility of even an understanding that I cannot be understood! Not even I have a desire to understand or “know” Myself, for that would be a limit!

The fact that I cannot be known or understood is not a source of frustration—It is the very Freedom I Am! I don’t want to understand!