This post is primarily some excerpts from Chap 22 in CIA. The reason is not to simply fill these posts with already-written material, but because the points in this excerpt are a “continuation” of previous posts, and they also may give added significance to the 2 posts that follow (they are located above this post). The terms I and I Am are used here entirely in the Divine sense, meaning Self, “God,” Pure Being, the Infinite Present.

In Truth, the Present’s Timeless Absoluteness leaves no prior assumption of anything. The Absolute Present leaves no prior time, and no prior dream appearances—none. To the One Who Unfailingly Is All-Present, not a single time-event occurs.

It isn’t that the Absolute Present erases a past history of world problems.

The Absolute Present leaves no history having occurred.

The Absolute Present leaves no history of even Itself!

Not even the Present has been before!

All there is, is pristine Never-before-ness.

There is only Pristine Pure Life in all Its indescribable Beauty—Absolutely “Everywhere”!

A sparkling clean slate is all there is—permanently!

Your entire Existence is so gloriously pure and fresh, so new and breathtakingly free, there are no words for It! And only this Pure Absolute Freedom is present. Forever!

This is why Omnipresence, Reality, or God, never can be used to improve previous human affairs, for there haven’t been any previous human affairs!

Nothing has happened yet!

How could this Pristine Present-ness I Am possibly need to change or improve something that hasn’t even happened? How could I fall for a dream appearance when only I Am, and there hasn’t been any prior appearance? What’s more, how could this Presently Pure One I Am have to improve an appearance that never will appear because only I Am?

Not only have there been no previous appearances—there has been no previous God! There has been no God before, because the Absolute Pristine Present leaves no “before” in which a God could have been. Only this Pristine Present is—which is God—if such a term is used.

Obviously, One can’t go back to a lesser self, for no past occurred in which to have been a lesser self! You can’t be saved. Nothing besides Your Pure Present Being has happened that You could possibly need saving from—and this is “salvation” in its true light.

This book is not about lifting oneself out of what never occurred.

As the subtitle says, now Life is completely new.

One cannot even ask, “Why hasn’t this been brought out before?”

There is no before. There is only Present Consciousness.


How could there be another that must study how to be the Present? Not even the Present knows “how” to be Itself, because the Present has had no prior experience in being present!

This is why any attempt to “know” something about the Present Consciousness I Am must fail. This One I Am simply hasn’t been before, in order to have anything known about It!

If one were to speak of appearances, it seems virtually all “teachings” assume there is an established, pre-existing “way” in which Consciousness, Life, the Present I Am, is being present—and that there also is a “you” that must know or align with this “way” of being or living.

As the Present I Am, All Presence, has had absolutely no prior existence—when could there have been another that also must be the Present I Am? How could there be an already-established “way” in which I Am present? As I simply have not been before, there is no “way” I Am. There can be no technique for attaining that which hasn’t been before. I Am completely devoid of technique, utterly without method or practice. How could there be a method of practicing that which has no history of existing?

Having had absolutely no prior experience in being, I Am utterly Inexperienced.

In-experienced-ness is All. As the In-experienced-ness I Am is All, I leave no others who could be trying to experience an experience that not even I have had! And, of course, where I Alone Am, where In-experienced-ness is All, could there be any mistaken teachings attempting to teach that which hasn’t even been before? No!

As the Inexperienced One-All, I cannot offer guidance to get where I Am. There is no other to whom to give such—and as not even I have been before, not even I know where I Am! I have had no “time” in which to get My bearings, nor could I ever desire any because I Am not going anywhere. I Am. My Presence is so utterly Present, so completely without a past and absolutely new, even the simple words, “I Am” would be old news by the time they were voiced.

As this Pure Present I Am completely precludes time, I haven’t wasted any. How could Absolute Being waste that which never has occurred? Not a bit of Life has passed by. Perfect Life is.

Equally, don’t smugly assume you have been living spiritually—or have been honest with Truth in a past—for honestly there is no past. You have no history of not seeing Truth before, or of assuming you have seen Truth before—because You have no history—and this is to “see” or be Truth.