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I Love Being Here

(This transcript below accompanies the audio,  from a recent Living Room Workshop.)


Peter: If Infinity could talk, it might say (in the Infinite sense now), I-love-being-here.

The I is the Divine I. It’s Love.

It’s different synonyms for the same One.

I. Love. Being. Here.

And Its own Presence is all the “Here” there is.

All those words are synonyms–and they make a sentence.

And they make a sentence.

And this is Its so-called Eternal, forever, way of being.  This is your forever attitude, so to speak: I love being here.

That which loves being is Love Itself, is Purity, is Oneness. And It’s just being…always being…ever-being…and Its own Beingness is the entirety of What Is. The only I.

All of this–Infinity, Perfection, Purity, Clarity, Simplicity, Newness–It is THAT, that is being I, if a word “I” is used.

It’s not that a personal “I” can be That. It’s the other way around. Love is the only I. Consciousness is the only I. Being is the only I. Hereness is the only I. Infinity is the only I.

Coming back to what we said about being the Atmosphere instead of the body…being this invisible, unmoving Stillness, ever-present…

No matter where the body appears to go…invisible, alive, Stillness, newness, ever-freshness, invisible Love is what really is being the entirety of Presence, everywhere-present forever. And even the apparent body can’t get out of It. That’s all your body can ever walk around in.

It’s this ever-present, history-less Love…and Goodness and Oneness and Wholeness and Completeness.

That’s the attitude. That’s Life’s Attitude. That’s your Attitude.

And that’s really the only place.

It’s the only place.

And all of that can be summed up: I love being here!