A Switch #2 – A video by Peter Dziuban

Hello, and thank you again for your interest in the “A Switch” video series. Please click on the link below to see the second video in this video series! http://youtu.be/ndz2p9Fj0OM Sincerely, Peter Dziuban

Thanks for your interest!

Thanks for your interest in the “A Switch” 3 part video series. Over the next few days you will be sent two more videos in the “A Switch” series. Thanks for watching and I hope you visit again at https://www.consciousnessisall.com. Use the link...

New Simply Notice PLUS Audiobook

The new Simply Notice PLUS audiobook is finally finished and available. It consists of reading from the text, plus spontaneous commentary as it arises during the reading.  Overall it’s about 8 hours of listening for the Preface, Introduction, and 19 chapters....

San Diego Weekend Workshop Jan. 24-26, 2014

          San Diego Workshop           January 24-26, 2014 Wholeness, Completeness, Allness It is the nature of the Self, the All-One, to be alive as Wholeness, Completeness, the Entirety of what exists.  As this is the only “you” there is, then you as you really are,...

Two New Time Out! Videos

For those who have been interested in the Time Out! series of videos, two new videos have been added. These will most likely complete the series, particularly because of what is said in the last one, Time Out! #23, Newness, Newness, Newness. They can be seen...

Time Out! Video Series Now Available On Audio

Hi Everyone, For listening convenience, the popular Time Out! video series is now available in MP3 format.  The audio tracks have been taken from the videos and adapted for listening on your ipod, in your car, or when you just don’t feel like watching a video....

Reply to Din’s Question on FB 7-11-13

Here is the question posed by Din on Facebook, followed by the response.  The reason for posting it here is that FB does not permit comments of this length.Well Peter, since I have your ear, I have a question for you I’ve been involved lately with the emptiness...