This intensive is primarily for those who have attended prior workshops, or have a very strong interest in the main points found in Consciousness Is All.

The theme will be multi-faceted, allowing us to go as deeply as possible. While there will be plenty of spontaneity and ample opportunity for all questions, the purpose is depth and immersion as consciously alive Love. Some of the deeper points in Consciousness Is All will serve as but a springboard into even “more” of Life’s magnificence.

Particular emphasis will be given to the “softness” and “lightness” of Life–not as theory, but as alive, conscious experience. We will also work with some of the material from the forthcoming book, Simply Notice. The daily schedule will be approx. 10am to 5 or 6pm, with breaks, and plenty of time for sharing/socializing as a group in the evenings.

Attendance will be limited to most likely 15 attendees, possibly 20. Cost for the Intensive will be $450, or $400 for those who register before Feb. 1. This cost covers only the Intensive, not lodging or meals. (An events/registration page for this will be in place on the Consciousness Is All website in a week or so.)

Venue: Extended Stay Deluxe Hotel – Phoenix/Biltmore: http://www.extendedstayhotels.com/Reservations/SelectRoom.html?sid=db9219c5-86c7-4834-a85a-bba72425e407

This is not a high luxury or resort hotel, but was chosen because of its central location, conveniences and pricing. Rates will be approx. $79 to $89/night, very reasonable for high season in Phoenix. Each guest room has a full kitchen.

If you are seriously interested in attending, or have questions, please notify me here, or by email, or by using the “Contact” form on the Consc. Is All website.

This event will also be listed with MeetingTruth.com and TruthSpace.com

My deepest and most sincere thanks to all of you for your incredibly wonderful friendship this past year. May your Holiday season be totally Love-filled!